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Camping the Right Way



Sleeping on the hard ground is not conducive to a good night’s rest.  Camping has become a personal thing.  Even though campers are away from their cozy beds at home, they want to get a good night’s rest when they camp. 


Camping could be a lot of fun if you are prepared and have the right camping supplies and have the perfect camping destination picked out.  What kind of camping products do you need to make camping easier and more enjoyable?  What should you look for when planning a camping trip with your family and friends?  There are many products that would make your camping trip one to remember.


To address this concern, people purchase cots and air mattresses for bedding.  Our Folding Cot with Canvas Carrying Bag is essential for the outdoor person.  If you are a person that loves to take camping trips, then this is the perfect folding cot to sleep on.  Having sold many on our site and Ebay, this Folding Cot with Canvas Carry Bag would be a must for camping trips.  The cots are compact, lightweight and durable making them convenient for campers.  The cots mold your body, providing an extra measure of comfort so you can enjoy a good night’s rest.  Order yours today and fall asleep in a natural environment.  A must have for camping!


The Automatic Inflatable Camping Air Mattress is the ultimate relaxation for campers and backpackers, giving them hours of restful comfort.


Another alternative for bedding would be the Automatic Inflatable Camping Air Mattress.  It is the ultimate relaxation for campers and backpackers. This floatable camping air mattress will give you hours of restful comfort.  Whether you are gently floating on water or catching some zzzz’s on land, you will enjoy the support of the mat, which molds to your body.  Designed with camping in mind, the mattress rolls up and fits easily in the accompanying carrying bag.  The attached straps keep the mat rolled in place, making camping much easier.  Release the valve and the mat will inflate automatically.  Aaahhh!!  Such relaxation!  A great product for campers, hikers and people that enjoy being outdoors.  Order your convenient go-anywhere mat today!


If you need to get up and go to the bathroom during the night, you will probably need a flashlight to see your way.


Other products that would come in handy on a camping trip would be flashlights.  If you need to get up and go to the bathroom during the night, you will probably need a flashlight to see your way.  There are plenty made specifically for outdoor use.  Consider one of our Battery Free and environmentally friendly flashlights.  Our new and innovative hand crank flashlights are stylish and light, making these flashlights the best battery free flashlights you’ll need for any camping trip.  The hand crank flashlights eliminate the need to replace your bulbs or batteries.  They save you the hassle of running out to purchase batteries and last but not least they provide you with a guaranteed source of light that lasts forever.  These hand crank flashlights are a necessity for all campers.  How do they work?  The compact hand crank flashlights recharge themselves via a crank.  Crank the flashlights for seconds and the flashlight will provide you with a bright reliable source of LED light that lasts up to 5 minutes.  The longer you crank, the longer the light lasts.  It’s that simple! 


Another option would be our Silver Hand Crank Flashlight with Radio.  The silver hand crank flashlight includes a built in AM/FM radio featuring an extendable antenna for great reception.  The radio might come in handy for weather forecasting and for playing music around the campfire.  Listen to your tunes indoors and outdoors, or tune in for emergency information when needed.  It is a great flashlight when regular power is not readily available.  Also available is our solar flashlight with compass.  This flashlight fully charges itself by free solar energy and includes a built in compass necessary for campers and hunters.  There are a variety of flashlights to choose from when going camping.


Another great battery free flashlight that would be great for camping trips is the popular shake-flashlights you’ve been hearing all about.  The new and popular shake flashlights are more powerful than ever.  They are designed for emergency situations, camping trips, auto and marine safety, first aid kits and power outages.  A simple shake generates a reliable source of light that allows you see for a far distance.  If you are a person that goes camping very often, then you need one of these new shake flashlights.  You will love your new stylish shake flashlight when it is dark and your walking in the woods.  No batteries, no bulbs and no maintenance.  The flashlight lasts forever!



The Sol Catching Hammock folds compactly and does not take up much space, perfect for camping trips.


Another great product for camping trips would be the portable Sol Catching Hammock.  The Sol Catcher was built for people that are always on the move.  That’s right!  The Sol Catcher Hammock is easy to set up and comes with a white folding hammock stand.  All you need to do is pull it out of the canvas bag and unfold the hammock.  So once you’ve set up on a camping ground, you can unfold it anywhere you desire and enjoy swaying in the breeze!  The Sol Catching Hammock folds compactly and does not take up much space, perfect for camping trips.


We carry other beautiful and comfortable hammocks that are great for camping trips and built to withstand the elements.  The Parachute Hammock is a complete lightweight- sleeping package that fits in a tiny stuff sack!  So if you wanted to go camping and had no place for a hammock in the back of your truck, this would be the perfect hammock.  It’s comfortable and so versatile, that you will enjoy swaying on this rip-stop hammock.  Made with authentic US Army rip-stop parachute nylon, this 12 oz. hammock will not tear if punctured.  The quality of this hammock is unbeatable, carrying a 5-year warranty.  The bag is a great place to store glasses, a flashlight or a book while you sleep.  Included with the hammock are two 4’ sling attachments for hanging the hammock just about anywhere you find two sturdy trees or posts.  This hammock is great for campers, backpackers, hunters and hikers. 


The hammock drink holders are one of life’s little luxuries.  They keep your favorite beverage close at hand and allow you to rest and not having to get up and get a drink.


We also carry hammock accessories designed to make your camping trip more enjoyable.  The hammock pillow is sure to add more comfort to any hammock you take on a camping trip.  The foam filled pillow is made of a Sunbrella exterior fabric that is water resistant.  Order yours and making camping more fun!  We also carry hammock drink holders that tie to your hammock or hammock swings.  The hammock drink holders are one of life’s little luxuries.  They keep your favorite beverage close at hand and allow you to rest and not having to get up and get a drink.  These are available in a variety of colors such as natural, hunter green, white and burgundy.  Order yours and keep your beverage close at hand when you go camping.


These products mentioned above are sure to make your camping experience one to remember.  Next time you plan a camping trip, don’t forget to check out these camping products.  To learn more about these products and other camping gear, visit Coconutz Home and Garden, or simply click here.

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